One of the most popular flight search flight engines, Google Flights is among the best ones. Its sleek design, easy to use interface makes it favorite among the travel enthusiasts. There are many features in it which makes it unique, fast and user-friendly. It would not be exaggerating if we would say it is one of the most powerful flight search engines on the internet while many users are aware of its features and how to use them for their advantage. However, many do not know how to apply to its full potential. So, in this blog, we are going to tell you some of the crucial aspects of Google flights to find cheap flights tickets. Check out our last article on How to plan a perfect cheap trip to San Diego?

What Google Flights do better than other flight websites

Before we move on to its features and options. We should tell you in brief what is better in it.

  • Google flights is high-speed site. There is no waiting time situation. You get to see the results in less than a fraction of a second.
  • Its calendar-based features helps to understand the fares in one view.
  • It can search for seven airports in one go for departure and arrival airport.


Google Flights Tutorial for Features and Flight booking

There are many features one can use to find cheap flights tickets on Google Flights. Let’s say you are searching for tickets. The first thing we can do is to add up to seven airports in departure and arrival option. It would help if you typed the name of the airport, then click on the plus sign to add it. It will get add. Lets now see the booking from scratch to understand it more clearly for finding cheap flights tickets.

How to start the search for flights

We put the names of destinations in the departure and arrival option. Then change the number of passengers, flight for one way trip or round trip. Set the dates, then hit on search. Google flights will begin to show you the name of all airlines which are appearing for route. This is the first step in finding cheap flight tickets.

google flights features

How to use the feature, option

You will see multiple features and option on the Screen to choose. Every one of them is equally important to finding cheap flights tickets.First we will begin with features. There are four main, which helps to find perfect tickets.

  • Track Prices
  • Date Grid
  • Price Graph
  • Nearby Airports

We will get to know them one by one to understand their importance. Every one of these features helps you to find cheap flight tickets.

Track Prices –

This is the first feature you can use to get a lower price. However this does not get you the cheap price immediately. However, let’s say you’re looking for a flight ticket in the coming months, then it helps you to track costs, whenever there is a change in it. To enable it, you have to press it, then drag it right. You will need a Gmail account to allow it to.

Date Grid –

This may be the most innovative features in Google flight to find those cheap flights tickets. If you need to look for ticket prices day to day, then this is the option you have been seeking. When you click on it, you will see the flight prices for day to day over a week. So, if you can adjust your flying dates, then you may find a cheaper date to fly out.

Price Graph –

Google has access too many years of flight pricing records. Based on which Google Flights can predict if the current price given on a month or days is cheap or expensive. There first you need to choose the number of dates, then it will tell you if the price you are getting is low or costly. The bars will say to you if when the prices are lower or expensive.

Nearby Airports

Here comes the last feature but an important aspect. Many times there are cheaper airports near international airports. So, it shows you those airports to see if there are cheap flight tickets available to those airports. It works for both departure and arrival.

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