If you are planning a holiday in September from Orlando, we have tons of options for you via Google Flights. We are going to tell you about at least about five destinations, you can travel for a holiday. It does not matter if you are planning to move whether with your family or you want to make a solo trip. They are going to be so cheap; you can travel with your family without worrying about the cost. So, let’s see how you can get the deal.

How to see those Deals in Google Flights?


If you are thinking about entering some promo code, then rest assured that this is not the case. The first step would be going to Google Flights official site. You can see the interface. In the departure section, enter ‘Orlando’. Now click on search. Just follow the steps; do not worry right now about the results.

You will see a list of various locations from Orlando. However, they do not include any deals right now. We are going to apply a trick to reveal the cheap flight’s deals. Now, Go to dates, there you will see two options. One is specific dates, and another is flexible dates.we will choose flexible dates option. Then from the month’s list, we need to select September. Trust us; there are some fantastic deals this month.

Now, you need to choose the duration of this trip. We decided to search for the flights with one week time. Now click on done in the last to update the list. The list is now updated with new deals.

cheap flights

Keep scrolling down the list to see them. Google Flights has got good locations for you to choose. There is Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Jackson city and Austin. Like we said there are at least five cheap trips. We counted in total of 14 cities for the cheap flight deals.

You may be wondering how cheap are these flights? Let’s understand it by an example if you scroll down and see the Jackson city. The regular price for a round trip would be around $450, but you are getting at only $249. So, you can see how much it is lower. However, we can not guarantee this price forever. These days airfares change quickly.

The flight time is mentioned here as well. For Jackson city, it would take around eight hours. Since all these are in September, you can choose any deal at your convenience.  if you want more know about Low Prices trip to Venice from Los Angeles via Google Flights

To Book a flight, click on a location name. Then on the next page, choose view flights. Now you will see the airline name and prices. If a trip is eligible for Google Price Guarantee, you will see a color badge.

If you do not know about it, it’s okay. You can read about it on screen. For example, if you choose the flight between Orlando and Boston. You will see a badge of Google price guaranteed for spirit airlines reservations.

Flights Deals

This is one of the reasons why travelers love Google Flights. What we have observed most of the offers are provided from frontier airlines reservations. It does not include baggage fees. So it would be terrific if you travel light.

Click on the airline name. First you will choose the departure flight, than arrivals flight.  After selecting both, Google Flights will send you the airlines website to book the tickets. In some cases, you may get redirected to a third-party booking site. On the website, follow the instruction to book the tickets.

If you want to book a hotel, you can use hotel option from Google Flights. If you are curious about tourist attractions in a city, you can use the explore option. Both are good in their respective area.


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