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Everything you wanted to know Delta Baggage Fees

When you are booking a ticket on delta airlines, many things remain unknown. Unless you want to know about them, there is a possibility; you will be unaware of them. One of those crucial things is Delta Baggage fees. You may think there is no importance to it. But once you have a lot to carry, it will impact your ticket price. If you are traveling alone, then it might not be an issue. However, when you are traveling  with family, it is essential to know about the Delta airlines baggage fee. We will begin with the basics and then move on to some tips to reduce the baggage fee.

Delta Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy

Now, when you are booking a regular ticket at Delta airlines reservations, it includes one personal item and one carry on bag for free.  The personal thing does not have a defined size, but like a backpack or small suitcase would be a good example. However, the only rule is it should fit into the size of under your seat. However, for carrying on the bag, there are defined dimensions. The maximum dimensions for the carry on the bag are 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. In more simple words, it should be 45 Linear inches with including handles and wheels.  So, if your personal and carry on the bag are following the rules defined by the delta baggage policy, you are good to go. You should know the Bulkhead seats do have seat storage, so the delta baggage fees for these seats are kept into overhead Bin. So you know now, there is no delta baggage fees on personal and carry on item.

Delta Checked Baggage Fee

Here comes the essential part of the delta baggage fee. What is their policy on checked baggage? Now Delta follows a pretty basic rule about it. The first, which is going into the checked bag, should not have more than the dimension of 62 Inches( 150 Centimeters). It means the total length of the bag which includes Length, width and height dimensions of your bag. It doesn’t matter what kind of membership status you have. You need to adhere to the rules. However, the only exception here is someone who is traveling on military orders. It means they active military personnel.

Now here comes something for Delta premium, Delta airlines reservations one, and first-class. If you are a member of any of these classes, you will have the privilege of getting two checked bags free of cost.  However, the maximum weight of it should be under 70lb( 32 KG). It doesn’t matter where the flight is original or designated. But as a contrast to this delta checked baggage policy changes. When you are a member of Delta Basic economy, Delta Comfort+ or Delta Main cabins, you are entitled to carry only a maximum weight of 50 Lbs ( 23Kgs). And the delta baggage fees will be varied depending upon the location for  DC+, MC, or BE.­

The basic rate of baggage depends upon where you are traveling. For some places, even the first bag is charged for members we have mentioned above. Again we want to remind you that there are no delta baggage fees on the Delta one and premium members for the first bag or the second bag. Hope till now you are getting cleared view on the delta baggage fees.

delta baggage fees

What is Delta Excess baggage fee Policy

Now there are times when it is not possible to travel light. You need to get all the things packed and ready to travel. So, here we are going to talk about the delta Excess fee policy. Once you know about it, you can decide how much it will cost and what will be the final delta Baggage fee.

So, first things first, as per Delta’s official website, delta allow per passengers ten bags. This means if there are four members in your family,  your entire family can carry 40  check bags. If delta faces an excess fee baggage issue, they may limit the number of bags up to two. The one other thing you need to take into consideration is the size of bags. If they are not under the guidelines of Delta Baggage, then there will be extra fees and may require special handling. Delta Has space availability policy, so if your baggage cant fit in your flights, then it will be shipped via the next flight.  So, these are the basics for the Delta baggage fee of excess baggage.  But now the question comes what the excess baggage fee is as per region? Whether it’s a local region or global region. Now let’s see what the delta baggage fees for it are.

baggage fee Policy

We will begin the united states of America. If you are traveling within the USA, then for Round way going up to three bags, it will cost you $150 USA for each bag. But as soon as the number of Bags increases from four to ten, it will cost you around $200 per bag.  When we are talking about the USA, it includes the U.S Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Traveling between Canada And the USA has the same prices mentioned above. Now traveling between the USA and Latin American have the same prices , however the only exception is Guatemala City. Here up to 3 Bags, Delta Baggage fees are $200 for the first three bags. From Fourth Bag to the tenth bag, the prices increase to $285 per bag.

Now we will see what the fee for Europe and North Africa are — as per the Delta, Traveling from Central, North or South America to Europe or North Africa with excess baggage will cost USD 285 for three bags. But from Fourth bags, it will cost you around 240 Euros. For the Asia Region, the baggage fee seems to cheapest with costing USD 200 each up to ten bags.

Now, this is the excess delta baggage fee. However, when you are flying as per country, the fee will change. So, before you are traveling, make sure to calculate the Final delta baggage fee.

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What is the Baggage Limitation

There are some things which are not allowed in a flight as baggage.  So, here we are going to describe to you some of them. However, in case you are traveling something important. You need to ask delta representatives to know more about it.

For example, if you are bringing a box from Central or South America, it should be factory sealed. Otherwise, the airlines won’t allow for shipping it.  But if you are traveling from Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, you are not allowed to bring Boxes at all. It does not matter at what time of the year you are traveling.

delta baggage fees

If you are traveling from Delta Connection from, in, to Mexico, they will not accept Excess Baggages. The weight, size, or pieces won’t matter.

So, these are only a few examples in the matter of Delta Baggage policy. If you are traveling with any of these things which you may find limited for airlines, contact them first to understand. It will save you a lot of time.

What Is Delta Baggage fees policy if the Baggage is Lost, Delayed or Damaged?

Now, Sometimes, there are exceptional circumstances about which knowing is absolutely paramount.  Let’s say in an unforeseen situation your baggage is delayed, then what you can do? Well, for starters, if the luggage is delayed, you need to contact the delta representative immediately. They will provide you a file reference number that you can use for future use. But if your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours, then you need to report to a baggage officer.  They will help you in finding the baggage. However, in case something happens with your baggage, then you may be eligible for the rebate, which we are going to see next.

What About Rebate?

Now, when you have reported about your lost or delayed bag. And it has been more than 12 hours of it; then you may be eligible for Rebate. They will pay you Rebate in terms of Electronic Travel Voucher ( ETV). However, this applied only with paid checked bags. For any other thing, delta baggage fees may vary based on the situation.  When you are applying for a Rebate, the forms can be filled online only. You can use them for future flying via Delta airlines. Now let’s see how you can apply for a rebate form. However, you need to see if the delta international baggage policy will apply here or not.

How to Apply for a rebate Form?

Now, the next natural question is how to apply for a rebate form. To do it, you need to go to the delta baggage rebate page. There you will see a form that requires information about you. It begins with a name, Address, and then country, email address, and phone number. Now when you are filing for a rebate, you must have already applied for a delayed bag and got the file reference number.   You need to give the file reference number, Bag Tag number, ticket Number and the excess baggage receipt number if there was any.

Now, the last part is about giving information about your Flight. What was the flight number, Its origin and destinations,  the date, and last if there is any additional information you want to provide. It’s crucial to give out any small info for rebating.

In last, you need to click on submit; then the form will be forwarded to the delta. After it, they will investigate the matter, and if you are eligible for Rebate, then you will receive them. This is the delta baggage fee policy for rebate.

If your baggage is lost in transition, then you need to file a complaint immediately. If they are unable to locate your Baggage, then you can apply for a process for “Begin your Claim.” However, if you want to talk with a representative, then contact them on Delta Baggage service Number.

What if your Baggage was Damaged?

This is something that no one wants to happen, but it may happen to anyone. So if the baggage was damaged, what is the policy for delta baggage fees.  Well, if you feel the baggage was damaged, then you need to bring it to the Delta airlines officer. After your baggage arrives, they are going to review it. Now there are two ways delta will handle it. Either delta will give you the option of claim the Baggage means getting the baggage. For international travel,  you must report your claim within seven days.  Now the other option is repairing your bags. If you decided to let Delta airlines repair the bags, then you can track the progress. As soon as it is done, you can claim it.

What if you do not receive a response from the Lost and Found department?

Let’s say you had filed the complaint about lost baggage, but now there is no response to the lost and found department. What is the delta baggage fee policy here? Here Delta says you need to check your SPAM folder or verify your email address again to make sure you will get the updates.  As soon as the  Lost and Found department found out your baggage, they will call on the number you have provided and will send an email to your email.

What if you have Delta Skymiles Credit card

Let’s say you own the Delta SkyMiles credit card, then what would be the delta Baggage fees. Well, in this case, your first bag will be free. However, you have to book your baggage via SkyMiles credit cards. Up to Eight people can get the benefit who had made reservations via this credit card. The fee for the first bag of every passenger will get waived off. However, the Delta baggage fees policy states one essential rule regarding this. Each bag should not be oversize or Overweight.  Some of the eligible credit cards are Gold Delta Skymiles credit card, Platinum Delta Skymiles Credit card, platinum Delta Skymiles Business card and Delta Reserve Business credit card.

So, this is everything we have covered on Delta baggage fees. I hope you will find related to delta baggage fees, what you are looking for related to it.



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