Often we find it tricky to find cheap flight deals on the internet. You jump from site to site to look for the deals, but you can not find the most reasonable price you are looking for. Now here cheapest have different meaning for every user. One may want to find a cheap flight for a route under $200; another user might find $500 cheaper. So, every one of us has unique criteria to define it. Google Flights, Expedia, kayak are some of the sites to provide you the cheap deals.

However, there is one thing to note down here; many of these sites charge you a fee for using their services. Google Flights is exceptional in this case. There are a few tactics we wanted to share with you to find the deals. Let’s see what those tactics are.

    • Dynamic Pricing
    • Tracking the Airfare
    • When should you buy your tickets?
    • Finding a deal on a hotel

Dynamic Pricing – Gone are the days when you would have only one price for a particular flight. Now airlines user dynamic pricing method, which is a well-known concept in revenue management. When the demand is high for a specific route, the price will go through the roof. However, when there is little demand, the price is usually low. So, when you are looking for booking, make sure there are no holidays near your dates. Otherwise, the costs will increase.

 Before you check the prices on Google Flights, check the prices on other travel sites to compare because other sites include their fee too. However, Google does not do it. This is one of the tactics used by pro travelers, as we are going to explain more of them below. You are going to turn yourself into a pro as well. However, it is not possible to find low prices. Sometimes some flight routes always have high airfares. 

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Tracking the Airfares –   When you are looking for the prices every day, surely you are going to be tired of it. Eventually, you are going to call someone to book the tickets. However, just a little effort could save you much trouble and some dollars. All you have to do is to track the prices.

The benefit of doing this, as soon as there are changes in the price, you will be notified. Google flights do provide this feature. When you are on the flight page, there is the option ‘ Track price.’ Surely there are other travel sites which offer it. So make sure to use it.

When should you Buy your Tickets –  Now there are many myths regarding this tactic? However, as we say, there is a little bit of reality in every tale. So, in this myth, you can find real things. It is a fact when you book a flight at least 60 days before your departure date, you are going to find the Tickets Cheap. Then there is the track price tactic.

So when you combine these two, you are going to find a Cheap Flight deal, Here’s a bonus tip, you should start earning miles for particular airlines in its frequent flier program. Sooner or later, it will help you to lower airfares for your tickets.

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Finding a deal on a Hotel – This is not precisely related to finding a cheap flight, but rather balancing your budget for traveling. You see when you can not find a lower flight deal; you can find a deal on a hotel. After all, you aim to save money.  You can find plenty of deals on Google Flights. There are so many hotels at cheap rates providing excellent service. Even if you could not save money on your plane, here you can do it.

Conclusion – These tactics are often used by experienced travelers. You may not find the difference at first, but with the time you will see you are saving money. Moreover, there is always more methods to Keep searching and applying them.


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