Google flights have become the first choice of travelers around the world for many reasons. If you want to search for a plane, the steps are quite simple. But it is not the only thing making it useful. There are two other features in it making a unique blend of simplicity.

They are hotel bookings and Explore. We will explain them to you. We did not include price guarantee because it is still in testing mode, not a permanent feature. However, we will tell you about it.

Google Flights Hotel Option Explained

We will begin with the Hotel option. You go to the website, there from the menu, choose hotel. Now on the page, you can see the option. It would help if you typed the name of the city, then the dates. In last enter the number of persons.

On the next page, the interface appears. Here the first thing you have to do is to adjust the price bar. Drag it down to suit your Budget. If you are in the mood no restrictions then do not move it.  There are two things you need to know about Google Flights. It gives you the option of getting a star hotel, like two start or three-star. If you have a liking for particular Brand, you can choose it from the brand option if it is available in the option.

If you have a specific need in the hotel, you can choose it from the amenities. If you are looking for a deal on the hotels, click on ‘More filters.’ You will see the option of Deals. Click on ‘Apply.’ Then it will only show the hotels, which are currently having an offer.  if you want know about What are Essential Flight Search Filters in Google Flights?

When you choose a hotel, then there are five options as well. There is an overview which presents complete details about the hotel.  What is its location, on which site you can book it? Which places are nearby, reviews from people who have stayed there. The reviews are not from one site; rather it’s a compilation from  primary travel websites. 

explore hotel

If you scroll to the last, you will see an option of ‘About this hotel’ to know about it in short. If you want to see the latest prices,    Go to the price tag. Then there are reviews, on which the detailed review are available for the hotel.  In review, there are multiple keywords to choose for reading about a specific thing.

Why Explore option is important


We all want to know about a place before visiting it. However, on the internet the info is scattered. It is hard to keep the information in one place. However this feature gives you the ability to get knowledge in one place.

There are three options there: travel Guide, Things to do and Day plans. Travel Guide tells you about the place, activities in Things to do. If you can visit a place for a day, then day plans are the best option to choose.

Google flights price Guarantee


Now, this is the latest addition to Google Flights. However, you can say, it is in alpha mode, which means it may or may not continue once the testing of it is ended. When you book are booking a flight, you will see a price guarantee badge, it means if the airfare goes even lower then what google algorithm has predicted, you will receive the money between your booking price and the down airfare.

However you will only get the airfare if you booked the flight. If you cancel it, there will be no claims. Since its launch, there have been a lot of talk about it on the internet, how it is going to change the flight booking industry.




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