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Google Flights is the Best platform for Booking Cheap Flights. Get Cheap Tickets with Google. Planning a trip has always been difficult. From selecting the place To choosing the perfect dates. However, when you do not know from where to get the lowest prices, There are so many options available on the internet. You are bound to get confused about it. The people who use the traditional way of booking their tickets will call their regular travel agents to confirm their tickets.

Google Flights Search

Even on the internet, the third-party sites charge you a hefty amount to get a cheap deal. However, if there is already an amount is attached, It is going to be nowhere an affordable deal. However, there is a solution to these expensive Booking problems. Google is the solution for it. If you use Google Flights, You are not going to get only cheap flights, but packages as well.

We are going to tell you why You use should Google flights in Future to book your tickets, as well we will explain very Important feature it has. If you are an extensive traveler, these features will come in handy for a combo deal. Yes, if you use it in the right way, Google flights can provide you deal with hotels and flights combined.

Why Should You USE Google Flights?

Before we jump on the features, we wanted to tell a few of the reasons why you need to use Google search engine for Flights. The idea behind it simple, we have to know the fundamental difference between other website and Google.  We hope the things we are going to tell you; it will change your mind Toward it. Let is Cite some of the reason to persuade of it.


The Simplicity & fast searching When you want to book the tickets, Don’t you want simple options? You want to click, and the results should appear. Google Flights are precisely an example of it. When you visit it, whether, on Your smartphone or your website, it has an immaculate structure. No ads are popping on your screen, asking for a cheap deal. There is no notification for subscribing to an email, So you get deals in the future. It’s pure, clean, and practical. When you are on the website, enter your details. The list of All flights available to your destination will take less than a second to show.  Its easiness not only helps to save time, but identifying the best trips as well. If you have a use other travel booking websites, You would know, making slight changes in your dates or other requirements would need the entirely new search to get the original lists. Do you want a different date? scroll right and left, you want a specific airline company, go in the option, and you can select it. If you’re going to sort out the prices, You can get it as well. These simplicity does not only help us but aged people as well, who want to minimal interfacer to book a flight.

Google Flights Map

What’s the Best Time To Book Google flightS?

Now, Here’s another reason, When you use other booking sites, try to see if they can tell you This? What is the best time or a date to book the flights? There are almost no other flight booking site, which can predict if there is going to Up or down in the prices. However, Google have these features. When you are trying to book flights, Google will show, when the costs for the specific route will be down. It’s become useful when you are flexible with dates. When you are aware of the prices Changes, it will change your way of booking the tickets.

How to Know if my flight is delayed?

This is another reason to Use Google search engine for Flights. When you are booking the tickets, It will show you if the particular flights are going to be delayed. Google uses its historical flight’s data for predicting the delays. However, Google states, Their flight predictions are correct up to 80%. Yet, The travelers have a habit of reaching the airport before some time of flying. However, in some cases, If you already know in advance, if it is delayed. You might use the extra time for something more substantial. Up to now, We told you some of the reasons to use Google Flights, but there are Features of GFs which make it unique. So, We are going to shed some light on it.

What is the price after a few days?

This is one of the thoughts that comes when you are the verge of booking the flights. You are hoping to know if the prices are going to below. Well, this is one of the best features in Google Flights to use. It’s simple, and you do not need to check every day. It’s a feature called price tracking.  The process is simple. Enter the departure city name, arrival city name, dates. Click on search. Now, you see the list of flights. On the left, upper options, price tracking is now available. Just drag it right to enable it. Now it will send you price alerts every day, whether the price is going up or down. However, you are going to need a Gmail account to track it. Another feature makes it unique to share the prices.  In case you are searching the trips for a friend, click on share, and a link will be shared.  The option to send it to you on a different email address. You can do it as well.

Google Flights Price

What if you are planning a vacation?

There are multiple destinations, which have low prices. However, many a time, it’s hard to find those deals. It’s called, Exploring destination. We have already stated how easy it is to use google flights. Let’s see how you can explore various places. You are on the main page. Just put the city from where you want to take the flights. Click on search. Do not put anything on a date or select the arrival city. Click on search. Now it will suggest your destination, however since we want to cheap flights as well. Soon we will go to the dates. Here are two options, one is specific dates, and another is flexible days. If you do know where to go, then the flexible dates are the best way to book a holiday. Select the month in which you are planning to travel and select the time. Below it, whether you want to spend one week or two weeks.  Her is a real thing started, you will see the lowest prices for a destination.

If you need to more specific, drag the price down, and then it is going to show you the places under the price, you have set. Now, select the site, then click on it. You will have the options of view flights there. You can book your places at a cheap cost.

Google Flight Packages

Using the filter options

On the other travel website, there are multiple features, but not many as Google Flights. It’s best when you have numerous requirements for a plane. We will start with Stops. Do you want a trip with a non stop only, or with a one-stop between the route or two stops? You can filter these to choose a specific plane. Then there is price option to see the list of flights under a particular price. If you need to book the flight in the morning or evening, you can do it so.   The next filter is to select a particular airline company. It’s useful when you have a loyalty program to use.  Then there’s flight duration if you want to choose the flight time with the minimum time.

Then at last, if you are worried about baggage, you click on the bags, and then it will tell you the price of luggage.

Tips to save money on your flight booking with Google Flights?

When there are so many online travel agencies on the internet today for flight search, It is not easy to find the cheapest flights.  There are many Flight search engines out there, But None of them can compete with Google Flights. It is one of the prominent flight search engines to find out cheap flights. However, again, we would say it is an art to do it. The options are always there in fronts of us like for getting flexible dates, Email Notification for price drops and flight alert. However, very few users can use them. So let’s see how we can do it. You do not need to give information about credit card or something like it. These are simple things to do.   The Date Grid option –  This is the first option you can use to see flight prices on specific dates.  Go to Google flights site, enter the departure city and the arrival city. Then enter the specific dates to travel. When the list of airlines appears, you will see the option. You will see the flight prices on specific dates, if you have no issues with flexible dates to travel. You could get a cheap flight. Choose the dates then book your tickets.   Price Trend –  Do you know Google has the records of the past flight prices. Those records help us to see the price trend. You can choose specific dates to do it or see it for an entire month. You will have the option to manipulate the dates to see what will be cheaper. So play around it. Prices for a specific flight will help you to decide your next destination for a holiday.   Track Prices –  In simple terms, when you are hopeful, the flight prices are going to drop, you can set an alert for price drops for a specific route. Who know you could get a mistake fare( cheap flight prices for a specific route which generally has higher cost).   Airlines Stop – This is a filter which can help you immensely. It tells you the number of stops between a flight. Nonstop flights are always best.   When you have chosen a flight, click on it. On the last page, it will redirect you the airline’s website to complete the booking process.

So, these are reasons and features to use Google Flights. We hope you find the information provided here useful. For travel related posts and updates check out our Blog.

Disclaimer: Google Flights is a registered trademark of Google. Our Blog is not affiliated, connected or endorsed by Google. All information provided here is in good faith and is for informational purpose only. We intend to provide latest and updated information about the topic, however we may not be able to. For any latest updates please check out 

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