How to book flight tickets with Google Flights

There are a lot of flight search and booking websites on the internet, but none of them are as simple as Google Flights. The steps are so comfortable, even if you have never used it before, you won’t find any difficulty in doing it. However if you needed a simple guide to look for cheap flights and book them quickly, then this blog is for you. After reading, you won’t need to look for any other guide to search and book flights on Google Flights. So, let’s get started, but with an example to understand it better. 

The first steps to Book a flight tickets on Google Flights

As we said, we are going to take a real example to understand the process better. Now let’s say you need to travel from New York City to Las Vegas. The dates are between Nov 18 and Nov 22 with a round trip. You went on the internet, begin searching for Flights. You came on the Google Flight homepage.  Enter the name of the cities in the departure and arrival cities. Then the dates we have chosen. You will see three other options. They are round trip (One way and Multi-city Too), the number of passengers and the classes (Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First class). So, choose as per your wish, when everything is done, then click on search. 

Now you are going to see the list of cheap flights. Google flights have almost every airline on its menu. However, there is a possibility you might not found one or two airlines. For this particular trip you are going to see Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue And Delta Airlines. Now before we proceed to book, let’s see what some filters you can use are. 

Filters & Features in Google Flights

 So, there are many filters and Features on Google Flights, which you can use to find cheap flight tickets. We will tell you about them in brief. They are Bags, Stops, Airlines, Price, Times, Connecting airports and More. These are filters. Now there are four main Features. They are Track Prices, Date Grid, Price Graph, And Nearby Airports. 

Bags – To choose the number of bags. 

Stops – Whether you want to get a nonstop flight or one-stop or two stop flights. 

Airlines – if you have a particular choice of airlines, you can choose it from here. There are choices of Alliances, as well. 

Price – If you have a budget for your cheap flight tickets, then choose a special price for your trip. 

Times – Some travelers want to fly out whether in morning or evening. You can choose the time from here. It has option for outbound flights as well as return flights. 

Connecting Airports – When you choose a stop between your traveling cities, then many cities appear here. Could you choose one of them from here? 

More – There are two more options here.  The first is the flight hours, which you can choose. Then there is an option for Showing or hiding Separate tickets. 


This all comes under the filter option. You can use them to know about the bags price, specific airlines when seeing the flight between New York and Las Vegas in the above example. Now we will talk about features. 

Date Grid – Here, you will see the prices of flight every day. There are departure and return both if you select round trip. The low prices are in green and expensive in Red. 

Price Graph – This feature tells you about the price. It shows whether the costs of your chosen date is cheap or expensive. The bars will tell you when the prices are going to increase. 

Airports – Many times, it happens there are multiple airports in one city or to a nearby town. So, if you want to see the price for those airports, you can see from here. 

Track prices – When you are looking for flights, then you can track the price with this feature. 

Booking the Flights 

Here you can find more on Google Flights features. Choose the airlines; then Google flights will show you the platforms from where you can book the tickets. It could be either the airline’s website or third-party flight booking website. 


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