The first question which comes to a travelers mind about going to destination is why. Why visit this destination. In this case we are talking about San Diego?  What is so special about this place. Well we have got an answer for you. There is a balance between being the oldest city in California and climbing steps to becoming a growing city.


It’s both. So are you ready to go on a tour? We will cover the cheap flights deals with the support of Google Flights. Then where do you can visit? How long should you stay here?  Where to eat?


Cheap Flight Deals To San Diego

The first step in any trip is to book flight tickets. If you are looking for cheap flight deals, Then you should begin your search on Google Flights. You will find plenty of deals there. If you are looking for a whole package, then it is also there. Check it out; you won’t be disappointed when you are looking for a flight. Use the date calendar to look for low fare deals. Then you can see the price trend to know when the price is going to drop. These little things can save you much money. If you are not sure about the prices, you can use the track price option to get regular updates about the airfare.

How Long to stay –

Well it completely depends on you.  However, Four days should be enough to for this city. The planning is simple. Prioritize the things you want to do, the places you want to visit. Also check out our guide on Holiday in Boston


What about Hotels?


The second important task. If you are looking for hotel deals,  Google flight search is an ideal place to start viewing. You will find a Good deal there. Use the map to find a good deal. It is a big city, so you want to stay at a location where you can cover everything.  If you have special requirement, then be sure to check out the amenities list. It has a detailed list for it.


San Diego Things to do

Things to do in San Diego

The things and places we will recommend you are coming from experienced travelers. So you can be sure of its importance. Begin the trip by Going To La Jolla Beach. A gem, you will feel the wind and the water.The word La Jolla means ‘The Jewel.’ The one thing to enhance your experience is here to take a walk: a simple thing but profound experience. There are many restaurants, food joints. Find a  place with the oceanic view. Love Food? Try our Best Food Destinations Guide.

If you are a fan of Military history, then go Checkout the USS Midway Aircraft carrier. Do not think it is just an old Giant ship. It is an essential piece of American history. It was the largest shop in its serving time, carrying more than 4000 personnel. Now here comes the best part. When you are touring, people who are here interacting have the real experience of the things they are talking about. If someone is telling you about how an airplane gets into air, you can be sure the person has done it.


When you here, you can not miss the ferry.So be sure to check out the Harbor Cruise. All we can is you are going to love the view from there.

If you are interested in seeing animal, then go to  San Diego zoo. It has more than 4000 species and animals. Some of them are very rare. Don’t miss the Giant pandas.


So, this was our plan for a trip to San Diego. We include cheap flights deals from Google Flights, Hotel booking, and things to do. If you think we need to add something, please do let us know.


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