If you book tickets on your own, you must have used Google Flights.  However, there are many things in which you, as a user, do not explore. So, we thought of sharing them with you. When you are searching for a flight, it has many filters to use. These filter can help immensely help you to get a price, to see various airplanes option. We are going to tell you about these filters.

So when next time you can take advantage of them.  There are many so that it will be explained one by one.

Let’s explore the feature

To understand these filters better in Google Flights, we are going to take an example. We will take the case of a trip between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The dates are going to be between 12 Sep and 16 Sep 2019.

Now, When you see the list of all flights. However, since our focus is on the filter, we will leave other things. Let’s see them now.

Bags – This is the first filter to look for. Now in this trip, you will see many airlines are not providing baggage fee. So, if you are traveling with a family, thus having many bags. You can not predict the airfare travelling. This is where you can change them to see the final price.

In This trip, if we change the number of passengers from one to Two adults and two children, then add one carry on bag and one checked bag,  the price would go up to more than $500 for the round trip. So you can see how much this is affecting the airfare.   

Cheap Flight

Stops –  There are four options here. Any number of stops, Nonstop, One-stop, and Two stops. They help you to find a flight with Non-Stop and with stops. Many travelers use this option to visit a place in free. OK let’s understand it. If you are taking a flight between New York and Shanghai, there is going to be a stop in between the route. If the layover is more than ten hours or one day, you can easily visit another city without paying any money. So, in a way, this is why it is useful.

Airlines –  Here is the option to choose your Favorite airlines. We know there are many travelers who have a favorite airline to fly. They prefer it over others. These filters let you do it. The trip which we have taken example have several options as well. You can choose  Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta airlines, and united airlines. If you want to select from an alliance, then you have the option to do it as well.

Price – A self-explanatory filter. Every traveler has a specific budget for their flight expenses. It’s an art of balancing between choosing the cheapest flight with amenities. So drag the bar to where you feel comfortable about the prices. Then Google Flights will filter the options.

Times –  So, if you want to choose a specific time to fly, this is the filter you are going to use. There are two options, outbound and return; you can select a particular time to take your flight. When you choose the time, it will exclude all other flights which do not comply with your Chosen time.

Connecting airports – when you are choosing a trip between two places, is likely to have several connection airports. If you do not want to layover in a particular place, you can select it from here. As soon as you decide it,  Google Flights will exclude the place.

In the end, there is one more option, which is Flight duration. You can check it see which flight is taking longer duration and which one is short.

So, travelers, these were the filters in Google Flights. We are sure you are going to use them.

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