Low Prices trip to Venice from Los Angeles via Google Flights

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Have you wondered how Venice would look in the middle of the winter? If you have not, why don’t you plan a trip to it? If you are living in LA, which a high paced city, you need to have a break in the winter. We have got a terrific deal for you. We are going to tell you to get a really low fare trip from Los Angeles. We will use Google Flights to get the deal.

If you are interested in Hotel Bookings, we will tell you how to do it as well and if you are not sure about where to go in Venice, do not worry; we will cover it too. First, let’s get started with booking.

How to Book tickets for this trip Via Google flights?


Now, you are interested in this trip. We will tell you the steps to get it. The first thing you need to do is to visit b official site. On the website, enter Los Angeles in the departure option.  Hit the search button. Do not worry; we are going to find tickets to Venice in a different way. 

Here when you click on search, you see various places from LA for flights. However, we need to focus on Venice. Move your Map over European countries. For example, Ireland and Germany. Zoom in a little bit.

Go to the dates option, Here choose the flexible dates option. In the month, select all. Then the time for the weekend would be around one week. When all are set, click on done. The list will again get updates. You need to scroll down the list to see Venice.

Los Trip

Once you sew it, you will observe two things. The first thing is the cost of the trip. You are getting it for less than $520, although the average airfare would be more than $900 for a round trip. So, this is a perfect deal from Google Flights.

Now the second thing is about the date. Like we said before, have you imagine Venice in Winter? The dates are between five December and eleven December 2019. A perfect time in winter to see this beautiful city.

Click on the trip, on the next page, choose view flights. There are various airlines for this trip to choose from. There is air France, delta airlines reservations, British Airways and Easy jet. Choose the flights; then Google Flights will redirect you to the website for booking the tickets.  The cost is for one person. If you are traveling with your family, then it will get increased.

Booking hotels

If you want to book hotels in Venice, you can do it via Google Flights. There are some excellent hotels. There are Hotel Giorgione, Hotel Canaletto, and And Venice hostel. There are many more. If you want to book them in a specific place, zoom in. Then Google flights will filter the location of Hotels.

There are multiple filters; you can choose it. Then there is a detailed review of it on the booking page, so you can decide whether to buy it or not. You can track prices of it too. Scroll down to the last on the page. There will be an option of Track Hotel prices. Drag it right to enable it. if  you more about know Traveling Around this Holiday Season with Google Flights.

Exploring Venice

Now, you have booked the flight, probably a hotel as well. However, what about the place, what should you do there, which sites to visit. To solve this issue, Google Flights Has a solution. It is called exploring option.  There are three options in it.  They are travel Guide, Things to do, and Day plans. Read them, and you will know where to Go, once you reach Venice.





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