Every one of us is a wanderer one way or another. Some try to find adventure in a  book and others try to find out via traveling. So, if you are a traveler, then we have some beautiful places for you to visit. We know in traveling everyone has a different taste, so we have chosen destination based on different flavors. You can find flights easily on Google Flights for these places. Read about them to know more.

Check out these beautiful  locations for your next holiday

There is always a destination where you can go to spend your weekends. However, we are always confused about the places. There are so many of them to choose. So we tried to make it simple. We are going to suggest you five places to visit. 

 You can choose one of them to plan your next holiday. Every one of these places has something for every kind of traveler. As far as concerned about the prices, Do not worry. Google Flights can help you out with it. It will give you plenty of cheap flight deals. 

Orlando, Florida –  More than a city, it is a home of theme parks. This is how we would like to describe  Orlando. If you have kids, then it is a perfect weekend destination for you and your family. There is Walt Disney World resort, Universal Studios theme park. However, since you are going to have limited days, you can visit these places.  If you are interested in History, then visit Orange county Regional history center. The lover of nature can visit Lake Eola. 

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Phoenix, Arizona –  Like we said before every traveler has a different taste for their next weekend destination.  People who love warm temperature would like to see animals should visit phoenix. It gives you a perfect blend of urban life and wild nature. There are Botanical desert garden, Papago Park and  South Mountain park and reserve. Now if you want are interested in history, then we will tell you about three places, you can check out.  Heard Museum for Native American civilization history. Phoenix art museum for the art lover. In last Rosson House Museum at Heritage Square for visiting 1895 Victorian home.

Louisville – Now there is typically a traveler who wants to spend the weekend without adventure. No wild animals, Not any kind of adrenaline rush.  For those travelers, this is an ideal weekend destination. Situated along the Ohio river, it gives you fantastic scenery.  So, there are a few attractions you can see. There is Louisville slugger Museum & factory which have a giant baseball bat. Its exhibits sports icons. After it you can pay homage to Muhammad Ali center. Then a chance to spend some time with nature at the Waterfront Park.  If you want to see a Dam, then Mcalpine locks should be your next location.  Then sometime in a forest, you can go to the Falls of the Ohio state park. Here you will see fossils of ancient animals. You can do Hiking, Fishing.

Philadelphia –   if you are interested in Rich American history, then there is no better place than Philadelphia.  There is Liberty Bell, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Eastern State Penitentiary and independence National Historical Park are some of the famous historical places.  Liberty Bell is a symbol of American Freedom, while the park preserves various sites associated with the American revolution. If you want to understand how America was built, there is no better place than this destination.  However, we know you want to visit some places so that we would suggest you Magic gardens for folk art. If you want to experience a 4D theatre, then no place is better than Adventure Aquarium. It is near 1 Riverside.


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Minnesota –  A weekend destination strictly for nature lovers. It’s home to famous natural parks, which you can visit to relinquish your love for nature.  There are Voyageurs National parks which have seasonal lakes,  Campsite and Guided tours with Rangers. If you want to do some cycling, then Minnehaha Park is the best option. If you’re going to see natural waterfall then you should go to Gooseberry Falls state park.

Every one of these locations has something for you. It is for you to decide which one you want to go. You can find cheap flights for these destinations on Google Flights.


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