When you are traveling, food is a must thing. After all, you can not enjoy yourself if your stomach is looking for some seafood.   Every traveler has a different taste. Someone want to try a dish in a Michelin starred restaurant and someone can be happy at a food truck. It’s all about the experience. So, read this mini Food Blog, then Search a Cheap flight On Google Flights,Take the trip and experience the cuisines. We are going to tell you about food, but we will cover the drinking part as well. We wouldn’t forget about it, would we?

A Glance at these Places

    • Charleston
    • Oakland
    • Denver
    • ortland

Charleston, South Carolina – Many  Tourists who come here think, it’s all about  Barbecue and fried fare. Both are fantastic; there is no doubt about it. However, there is more to it. When you are here to eat, it is great to experiment with a variety of Foods.  If you are confused about the food, try to find out what is famous there. Then you will begin to find new cuisines.  If you are looking for seafood and tradition Food here, you can go to  Slightly North of Broad, Poogan’s Porch and other Low  country Staples. These are also famous for Roasted oysters, Shrimp, Grits, and Garlic Crabs. If you start looking for flights, Start with Google Flights. You will find cheap flight deals.

Food Trip


Oakland, California –  You know, a traveler should not hold a fix perception about a destination. Why are we saying it? Well because travelers do not think Oakland as a Food place. However, there is diversity here in terms of food and drinking. Do you know, ‘USA Today’ has name Oakland one of the top ten local food places in the country? Now where to try? Well you can start with Californian Mexican Food at Cosecha. The Cook and her Farmer are famous for its Coastal cuisine, which should be the sole reason to visit this place. If you want to try something in a Michelin quality restaurant, then go to Delage. You won’t be disappointed.


Denver, Colorado –   Third on our list, Denver is a place filled with Food, Cuisines and a sense of adventure. You may feel confused when you are presented with deep-fried bull testicles. What will you surprise more? They are really delicious if you try them.your confusion will be cleared. It’s signature Dish is a rocky mountain oysters and seafood. If you are not sure where to eat, head to a large market. There are food halls there. You can try the old, traditional dishes with new ones. Some of the famous Food halls are Denver Central market, Stanley Marketplace, and The Source. Do you know the  Farm- to- Table movement? It is strongly represented here in Denver. Try them out at Potager restaurant. If you are looking for hotels Bookings, Try Google Flights hotels option. You will find plenty of deals there.

Travel Tips

Portland, Oregon –    This place has a balance in the matter of Food. Voodoo Doughnut is famous around here. If you are a fan of Pizza, Give it a shot at A pizza Scholls.  Cheese, Chocolate and the renowned coffee culture makes its a dream city of every Foodie out there. There will be Food trucks around every corner. So, you don’t get to miss anything. Try french Bistro at Le Pigeon, Argentinian dish at OX and Coastal foraging at Hold fast.

This was our list of famous cities to try Food.  Its included everything. So, when you are planning your next trip, take a look at this list to find out where you want to go next.  For cheap hotels and flights bookings, Try Google Flights.





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